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Titel, Jahr

4 Leporellos zu eigenen Gedichten des Künstlers, 2003




30, 10 AP, 4 PP


mike karstens, Münster



There are no cares for young years:

Blossoming springtime is everywhere…

And we are given a full chalice

For happiness and delight.

But the years rushed past quickly,

Everything has disappeared, spring is over,

The living stream has fallen silent in the woods,

And there is merely one drop left in the chalice…



Oh, carafe, filled with transparent water,

Why have you broken over me?

The fragile pieces, shattered and ringing,

Shimmering under the moon, go rushing along me.

There´s no way to hold in my crazy head

The wonderful images floating aloft,

And they, not leaving any trace in my memory,

Will disaooear forever just like the carafe.



Dressed in the heavy armor of sleep

I stood for a long time in the gloom.

The distant sound somewhere could

Not penetrate the depth of sleep

But a light came to me from inside,

Moving the stone around me,

And my soul was liberated

For the life of another day.



Love, love, where have you hidden?

The cold wind of live is blowing all around,

It carries former dreams away from me –

Again my soul is indignant in anguish and fear.

Cold wind! Cease!

Return to me those wonderful moments!

Don´t carry of those miraculous visions –

I will pay them tribute again with my fervent heart!



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