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Titel, Jahr

Center of Cosmic Energy, 2000


Radierung von zwei Platten


30, 10 AP, 4 PP


72 x 78 cm


mike karstens, Münster

Portfolio mit 25 Radierungen inklusive

einem handcolorierten Druck,

sowie 5 Blätter Einführung in Deutsch und Englisch


During archaeological digs on the property belonging

to the Zollverein coke plant in Essen, Germany, two

groups of objects were found, whose previous use is

unknown. They are made of a condensed, very pure

type of stone.


After deciding that the objects were of Celtic origin

,the scientists‘ final hypothesis was that they were

dealing with a „cosmic energy“ site. There are many

of these sites all around the globe; churches and other

religious buildings were often constructed on these



People who come to such a place feel an increased

sense of strength, stillness, and security. For this site,

which has remained empty up until now, Ilya and

Emilia Kabakov created the „Center of Cosmic Energy,“

a building complex where it will be possible to carry

out a great experiment: the confirmation of the socalled

Rosenfeld theory, which describes the ability of

time to move backwards, or Wernadski‘s theory of the

noosphere – a sphere surrounding the globe, where

all of the intellectual activity of humanity throughout

history is gathered.


In the portfolio here, the artists present the historical

and archaeological assumptions, the various kinds of

intuition, the two theories mentioned above, and an

overview of the plans for the entire structure. 



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